In Space, No One Can Hear You Tap
Awarded: Judges Choice for "Best Choreography" in the Master Division at the 58th World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago, Illinois Aug 31-September 4, 2000

Original evil concept: Kevin Roche

Breakaway Spacesuit / Tie and Tails ensemble Designed, constructed, and assembled by Kevin Roche

Jemima the Alien : Designed and constructed by Kate Morgenstern, Bridget Landry and Belle Davis with minor kibitzing from Kevin Roche.

Worn by: Kevin Roche and Belle Davis. Invisible hand offstage: Yvette Keller

Presentation Synopsis: The spaceman, thinking the coast is clear, unseals his helmet and begins to make himself comfortable in the alien landscape. Unbeknownst to him, the rock behind him was actually the horrifying alien now stalking him. It seizes him, tearing his spacesuit away --- revealing white tie and tails beneath. At a gesture, a staff appears in his hand with which he may defend himself, but instead he presents it with a flourish to the alien, who pirouettes while he produces with magical flair an opera hat and second cane. They join hands and finish by high-stepping to "Hello, my baby, Hello My Honey!".

Costume Source and inspiration: Their own imaginations, fueled by waaayyyyyyyyy too many Warner Brothers cartoons and Mel Brooks movies.

Music: To hear the music, you can download this MP3 file of
In Space, No One can Hear You Tap. (its 900K!)

Kevin and "Jemima" before breakaway

Our Performers: Kevin (in the spacesuit) and Belle (as "Jemima", the alien).

Another view of us with the suit still on
Another view of our cast

After the transformation into a song and dance team

After the transformation, ready for the song and dance number.

receiving our award
All queued up in the awards line
Watching the others receive their awards

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