Godzilla vs Pokemon!

If the sound and motion are jerky or out of sync, try hitting the reload button on your browser after they finish downloading.

It's a Halloween Party!
It was a costume party!

Godzilla, Mothra, King Kong, King Ghidara, Pikachu (and all the other PocketMonsters), Ash, Sailor Moon, Frankenstein, Count Dracula and all their friends got togehter for an epic evening of stomping, snorting and snacking!

...Not to mention repeatedly destroying our very own downtown Tokyo... all recorded in glorious   GodzillaPokeRama !

The Theme was Japanese Science Fiction (any costume was welcome, though, since Japanese SF, Horror and Anime have used every possible classic monster as well as actors in big rubber suits and cute kids and creatures with magical powers -- and there was always room for another terrified villager or city dweller).

Produced by Kevin Roche, Karen Tully, James Kaufman, Anne Kaufman, and the city of Tokyo



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*Kaiju is, roughly speaking, Japanese for "monster"