Shiver Me Timbers! It’s a pirate sail around the bay!

Now sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale of a special trip
That started from an urban port
aboard a sailing ship

All filled with thoughts of swashbuckling
and dreams of derring-do
Twoscore costumers set sail that day
for a 3-hour cruise

The stories started getting rough
as sails and hist’ry crossed
(And midst the glamour of the silver screen
Bob Hope his cookies tossed...)

The ship sets sail from the shore of this
world-famous Bagdad’s Bay

with costumers...
and spouses too
their frockcoats and their plumes...
With movie stars
Historians and jokesters, too
Here on our Pirate Sail!
So here’s the story of our pirate sail:
pick swabs from any time
all pirates, privateers and buccaneers
are welcome in our clime...

The Crimson Pirate sails today
BlackBeard the PirateCap'n Blood close on his tail
Ice Pirates search for the water World
and dead men tell no tales

While Burt and Errol laugh and jest
and Maureen knocks them cold
And sixteen men on a dead man’s chest
still tell of pyrate gold

Come join us there that day my friends,
please help us tell the tale
of twoscore plume’d costumers
Out on a Pirate Sail!

Music (Do Not click on this Link.You will regret it)

What do one-eyed parrots, the Black Spot, Long John Silver, Burt Lancaster, Maureen O'Hara, Errol Flynn, Robert Urich, Mary Crosby, Jean Lafitte, Captain Hook, Bob Hope, Sir Francis Drake, Henry Morgan, Yul Brynner, Bill Gates, Starbucks Coffee, and Napster have in common? Shiver me timbers! Rumor has it that they'd all feel right at home with us the afternoon of April 28, 2001, as we board the tall ship Hawaiian Chieftain for a 3-hour cruise about the bay.

We’ll gather in Sausalito at one in the afternoon near the Chieftain’s berth, then board promptly at 2 PM for a lovely 3 hour sail around San Francisco Bay, enjoying a menu of light hors d’oeuvres, coffee, tea, juices and other soft drinks while we keep an eye out for likely targets for our nefarious piratical schemes. This is a private charter, so only our own special gang of pirates will be aboard for the voyage! The cost: a measly $55 for Guild members, $60 for non-members.

Pirates of all times, places and universes are welcome -- and remember that most pirates bedecked themselves in the finest swag they could plunder from their prizes, so here’s that chance to use all those lovely bits and pieces that weren’t enough for a costume in and of themselves! Or the one completed part of that magnificent project that never quite got off the cutting table... or that the cat/dog/fish/baby/spouse spilled something on before you got a chance to wear it out.

This pirate sail is brought to you by Kevin Roche and Karen Tully, the same lunatics responsible for the Masque of Zorro and They Went Thataway, who were so unhappy at failing to score a pirate ship last year that they kept looking until they found one this year... More info and pirate info will soon be available at Kevin’s Twisted Image Productions website, or email

Due to liability issues, we regret that the pirate sail must be an adults only event.

Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis only through the GBACG.

Tickets Sold: 47 out of 47 We are Sold Out!
(as of Friday, February 23, 2001)
Wow! What a voyage!
The first set of snapshots is up in the Photo Album!
We don't have captions for them yet. If you can identify someone in a photo, please let us know (be sure to mention the file name!) at
Information and map for ticket holders. This is an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file about 277k. You'll need Adobe Acrobat or the free Acrobat Reader to view it.

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