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What do mad scientists, Eastern European royalty, espionage, werewolves, flying pie plates, zombies, time-travel, Robin Hood, bounty hunters, singing cowboys, and just generally messing about with history have in common?

They Went Thataway!

April 25, 1999

We had a wonderful time on our trip to the 1870's and the madness that was the twisted Hollywood Western. James West and Artemus Gordon are charged with protecting President Grant and the U.S. Government from the forces of evil, Brisco County, Jr., is tracking down a mystical orb from the future while attempting to avenge his father's murder, and in the little town of Rock Ridge there's a large man named Mongo punching out a horse.

Join our trip backward in time aboard the steam locomotive at Roaring Camp in the photo album.

Our costume period was 1870's (give or take a thousand years). Remember that the villains always have the best (and widest range of) costumes, and that truly, just about anything goes.

They Went Thataway: The Twisted Hollywood Western

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