The Masque of Zorro

A weekend-long event celebrating the legends and history of California and Californio alike El Zorro, Californio Man of Mystery

Friday night,
April 28
Sunday afternoon,
April 30,

A Special 10th Anniversary GBACG Event at the Hearst Hacienda Lodge, Fort Hunter Liggett, Jolon.

When you have a 10th anniversary, you have to do something new and exciting. GBACG presents its first weekend event, The Masque of Zorro.

Friday night we pay tribute to early Hollywood, Douglas Fairbanks, and William Randolph Hearst at a Deco era Hollywood cocktail party (no host bar in the Hacienda Lounge).

Saturday during the day we'll feature screenings of various versions of the Fox.

Saturday night we'll swashbuckle through the evening at the Zorro Banquet and Garden Party.

And finally, on Sunday afternoon, we'll walk through the Mission San Antonio de Padua and have a picnic in the garden.

All three events are costumed. It's your choice whether to take your inspiration from the Zorro films or the historic Californios.

Information on nearby hotels will be provided. Camping space is available.

Final ticket prices TBA
price varies depending on lodging (the Hacienda has several different kinds of accommodation):
  • A “meals only” ticket will be approximately $65.00 and includes the dinner on Saturday and box lunch on Sunday. (This is a package price; there is no price break for those who choose not to attend the picnic on Sunday.) It does not include drinks at the cocktail party.
  • For those staying at the lodge, the ticket price will be the cost of the meal package plus the regular rate for the room.
  • While the Lodge can only accommodate 42 overnight guests, it can accommodate up to 100 for the cocktail party, banquet, and picnic. We will be publishing more information on alternate accommodations (including camping) soon.
  • At this time, all 42 beds at the Lodge are spoken for, but we are accepting requests to be put on the waiting list.
  • Rooms must be paid for in advance (details forthcoming). Room payments are not refundable, but may be transferred with permission of the organizers.
All rooms at the Hacienda Friday and Saturday nights must be reserved and paid for through the organizers, Kevin Roche and Karen Tully.
(This is to avoid conflicts and confusion with the property management).

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Accommodations and Rates information

We oughta be in pictures!  Photos from the event

The organizers: the same team responsible for "They Went Thataway!")

Kevin Roche ( at (408) 266-5933 

Karen Tully ( at (408) 378-2885. 

 Email us both at


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