Santa Clara County Leather
2001: A Leatherspace Odyssey

Santa Clara County Leather Weekend information 

Contestant Information
Weekend Information
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Schedule of Events
  • Friday, November 10, 2000 Boots to Brim Uniform Party/Meet the Contestants Party @ the Daybreak in Mountain View
  • Saturday, November 11, 2000 (Day) Vendor Fair and Workshops/Demos
    Contestant Interviews and Rehearsals during this time, also
    @ the Billy DeFrank Center
  • Saturday, November 11, 2000 (Evening) 2001: A Leatherspace Odyssey
    the Santa Clara County Leather 2001 Contest

    5PM @ The Usual in San Jose
  • Sunday, November 12, 2000 Victory Brunch @ the DeFrank Center

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