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A little bit about me (ok, so call this the vanity part of my page).

A fuzzy picture of yours truly, Kevin Roche
I was born in San Francisco (which explains a lot, according to some of my friends) and grew up here in the Bay Area and in Redding, California. I returned here to attend U.C. Berkeley and graduated in 1983 with a bachelor's degree in physics (yes, physics!). I work on research on magnetism in thin-film multilayers, designing and building experimental hardware, software and user interfaces for that research, and illustrating our work for journals, the press, and other public presentation. Outside of work, I indulge my passions for reading, poetry, motorcycling, writing, dancing, historic recreation, science fiction and fantasy, costuming, and a certain 6-foot-4 costumer and Top whose smile could charm the socks off Satan.
(You can see some photos of my costume work on my almost-vanilla home page. Andy and I met at Costume Con, not the usual place for a Leather romance to blossom, but costuming is far harder to explain to Leatherfolk than BDSM is to explain to costumers, believe me)

And, of course, Leather. For anyone who's dying to know:
  • I identify strongly as a boy/submissive/bottom.
    (Observant friends report that the only time they see me act like a top is when I'm directing a performance -- then I'm a tyrant!)
  • I do not have a life partner, but I do have a wonderful steady boyfriend, and am part of a very supportive extended leather family. (Who would be very happy to see me happily married off...we'll see what wonderful things are in my future!)
  • No, we don't have an open relationship right now, so thank you for your kind inquiry.
    Flirtation and (appropriate) physical affection are always part of my vocabulary,
    but Andy holds the key to my heart (and to my locking chastity shorts).
  • You'll find me somewhere at the same-sex end of the Kinsey scale, but I'm very happy in mixed/pansexual situations. I just prefer my play partners be male.
  • I'm smoke and drug-free, and like my play partners the same way.

I'm don't  consider myself a novice in the scene, but have lots and lots to learn and continue to explore my limits. Here are some hints about things I know I enjoy.

Hankies you might find in my right pocket:
  • Dark Blue
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Black/White Checked
The only hanky you might find in my left pocket
  • chamois (which according to my copies of the list, means I ride a motorcycle)
I'm Riff!
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